Push more snow with Bucketwings

Easily order online, and start pushing more snow today.

Bucketwing System V2.0


  • Mounts on tractor bucket
  • Removable
  • 7ga Cold Rolled Steel
  • Laser Cut, formed, welded, then painted black
  • Heavy Duty Gussets and Cross brace for Extra Strength
  • Add +34 inches of pushing width
  • *Tractors Up to 32HP

Pushing Width

Add 34″ of snow pushing width with the addition of Bucketwings.

Easy Installation

With only 5 bolts per side, installation is a breeze.  Take your wings off for the off-season, and install in less than an hour for the winter!

Made in the USA

Hand crafted from 7 ga cold rolled steel, formed and welded in Western NY.

About Bucketwings USA

Bucketwings USA was founded based on a need for a quality, affordable product to attach to our compact tractors for snow removal in Western New York. The wings are a DIY tool that easily attach and remove from your bucket to add up to 34″ of pushing area while using your bucket to plow and move snow. Made with 7 gauge Cold Rolled Steel, Bucketwings are formed, laser cut and welded with gussets and cross brace for added strength.

Who's using Bucketwings?

Customers across the United States and Canada are pushing snow with Bucketwings!  A fraction of the cost of traditional snow pushers, plows, snow blades and other tractor attachments, the Bucketwings work when you need them, and store easily when you don’t need them.

Cutting your snow clearing time in half, the Bucketwings mount to your compact or sub-compact tractor bucket with ease.  Come in from the cold earlier by adding the Bucketwings Snow Pushing system to your tractor!

Put tractor on a level surface and have the bucket level.

Bolt the cross braces to the appropriate holes on the top of the wings to prepare for dry fitting and measuring.

Align wings to the side of the bucket, making sure the cross brace has a place to mount on the top of the bucket, and the 3″x15.5″ plate has clearance on the inside of the bucket.

Mark all holes on the bucket, and drill in the center of each slot.

Assemble the wings to the bucket first, place the 3″x15.5″ plate on the inside of the bucket, and bolt everything together with the provided 7/16″ hardware.

Note: After first plowing, you may need to adjust the wings up or down to your desired height.  Simply loosen the lock nuts and adjust.

Contact Information

My name is Tom Chapell from western New York State, I would like to thank you for taking time to look at my product.

I have been in the sign and graphics business for 20 years working by myself at my facility in Byron, NY. One day after spending hours on my 2305 JD clearing my nearly 500' driveway and shop parking area of the nearly 18 inches of Lake Effect Snow I knew I had to do something to cut down on my time and make it easier to clear snow. I thought about buying a blade or snowblower but I just didn't want to spend that kind of money so I started with some sketches and put the design in the computer and built my first set of Bucket Wings.

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